headshot_donna“A few years after my husband of 30 years left me I started dating a wonderful man who liked to go out to eat. Portion control and good food choices went out the window. During the year, my weight started to creep up because I was eating more at home, too. I put my 10s away and dragged out my 12s. He and I broke up, no more restaurant meals, but those eating habits remained. I’d graze through Harris Teeter or Costco, testing all the free samples.

During the Thanksgiving & Christmas holidays my 12s started getting tight. Time for action! I decided to start the the all natural weight loss program.

I chose to be totally committed to this diet and not quibble about the rules. After the first week’s dramatic results, I was sold.

Week #1: Down 7.5 lbs, 3″ off my waist, 5 ½” total. Blood pressure went down.
Week #2: Down 11 lbs, another 2″ off my waist, 10″ total. Blood pressure still down.
By Week #6 I’m down 18 lbs, 6 inches off my waist, 14 ¾” total!

I am on week #6 of this diet and here are some observations.

Surprise, surprise…I have NOT been hungry on the diet. I had been doing what I called nervous eating. Snacking when I felt restless.

Surprise, surprise…I immediately felt an overwhelming sense of well being and optimism enter my life.

Surprise, surprise…I immediately had more energy!

Surprise, surprise…I am enjoying food more. There is considerably less food on my plate so I find myself cutting it into tiny pieces, and chewing it well. I want to get the MOST out of every morsel I put into my mouth. I am really tasting foods now instead of gulping down my meals.

I feel great. The size 8 jeans I bought only two weeks ago are loose. I can’t believe I’m thinking about size 6 already!”

Donna Jernigan, Photographer
Charlotte, NC

When I first came to Carolinas Natural Health Center, I was suffering from fatigue, sluggishness, and excessive weight gain, despite my exercise and diet routines. I also had heart palpitations, a constant stuffy nose and experienced mild headaches and irritability. I frequently searched the internet for answers to why I was feeling so bad.

While sitting in a dentist’s office one morning, I discovered an ad for Carolinas Natural Health Center in Natural Awakenings. I visited their website and liked what I saw. I especially liked the fact that they areNaturopathic Doctors, using herbs and natural means and methods to help the body heal itself. I scheduled an appointment with Carolinas Natural Health Center and after reviewing my symptoms and history, she recommended placing me on the all natural diet plan. I was skeptical at first because of the food restrictions but a little bit of self discipline and a lot of determination paid off.

I began the diet in the latter part of May and by early September was able tolose 32 lbs! My husband supported me by also going on his own diet version laying off some of the foods that were restricted for me and he was able to lose 27 lbs himself!

My whole family is benefiting from my change in diet by limiting their intake of sugary snacks and breads. We had already made a custom of canning our own foods, now we have begun making our own breads. We have an herb and vegetable garden from which we enjoy home grown goodies. We also pay close attention to the foods we eat and avoid foods that bring on any of the symptoms we once suffered. All of us have renewed energy, alertness and healthier lifestyles all thanks to Carolinas Natural Health Center.

Wendy McMillian
Asheboro, NC

“It was such a pleasure to work in partnership with Carolinas Natural Health Center to become a much healthier person.
The all natural weight loss plan is the most successful program I have ever followed. After having lost 32 pounds, I now have a healthy blood pressure, cholesterol and no longer need my daily dose of Prilosec.

I have more energy and feel so much better. Many of my pre-menopausal symptoms have greatly diminished – weight and diet really make a difference in the way your body functions and feels.

The program really helped me get a handle on portion and carbohydrate control, which are so important in maintaining a healthy weight. I also appreciate having a natural approach to healthcare and a doctor who understands and prescribes from that perspective. I highly recommend Carolinas Natural Health Center!”

Pam Palmer

“I could not be more pleased with the results that I achieved by using the Renew Weight Management Plan!

I not only lost the weight that I wanted to lose, but the lost inches got me back comfortably into my clothes and, there was another bonus – I feel terrific!
I had no idea that just 10 extra pounds could make you feel so badly. But the exercise has increased my energy – and I can live with this new relationship to food!”

Patricia P. Summers, Paralegal
Charlotte, NC