When I first came to Carolinas Natural Health Center, I was suffering from fatigue, sluggishness, and excessive weight gain, despite my exercise and diet routines. I also had heart palpitations, a constant stuffy nose and experienced mild headaches and irritability. I frequently searched the internet for answers to why I was feeling so bad.

While sitting in a dentist’s office one morning, I discovered an ad for Carolinas Natural Health Center in Natural Awakenings. I visited their website and liked what I saw. I especially liked the fact that they are Naturopathic Doctors, using herbs and natural means and methods to help the body heal itself. I scheduled an appointment with Carolinas Natural Health Center and after reviewing my symptoms and history, she recommended placing me on the UltraLite Diet plan. I was skeptical at first because of the food restrictions but a little bit of self discipline and a lot of determination paid off.

I began the diet in the latter part of May and by early September was able to lose 32 lbs! My husband supported me by also going on his own diet version laying off some of the foods that were restricted for me and he was able to lose 27 lbs himself!

My whole family is benefiting from my change in diet by limiting their intake of sugary snacks and breads. We had already made a custom of canning our own foods, now we have begun making our own breads. We have an herb and vegetable garden from which we enjoy home grown goodies. We also pay close attention to the foods we eat and avoid foods that bring on any of the symptoms we once suffered. All of us have renewed energy, alertness and healthier lifestyles all thanks to Carolinas Natural Health Center.