People often ask me what should they eat to be healthier and while that is a complex question, there are certainly things that you should seek out and avoid at all costs.

Here are my general guidelines:

1.  Stick with whole foods – these don’t come in a package and don’t have a label on them, but they look like food (one ingredient).

2.  Eat as close to home as possible.  Consume local foods – these are always going to be more nutritious and often grown with care and beyond organic.  Also, by consuming local foods, you are significantly reducing the amount of petroleum and keeping the money in the local economy which will only help you and others in your community.  Eating locally is sustainable.

3.  Never consume the following 4 things:
– High Fructose (Maltose or other) Corn Syrup
– Artificial Colors
– Artificial Sweeteners of any kind
– Hydrogenated oils (trans-fats)

4.  Eat mostly plants.  A good guide is to have 2/3 of your plate at every meal be plants.

5.  If eating animal products – it should be at least organic.  Best is wild game, next best would be a local farmer that’s raising animals beyond organic, then purchasing organic meats at the supermarket.

6.  When purchasing produce, local is always best, then organic.  Use this pesticides in produce guide to know which to always buy at least organic. 

7.  Keep well hydrated.  Be sure to consume plenty of good clean water throughout the day.  At least 1/2 your body weight in ounces – more if exercising.  A local clean spring (hard to find) or a device that can filter and revitalize your tap water.  We use this.