I recommend Kangen™Water to all of may patients, friends, family, and anyone who will listen.  Why?  I do so for a number of reasons:

  • Kangen™Water has three important properties: high (alkaline) pH, 6x more hydrating (microclustered), and a powerful antioxidant (high-negative oxidation-reduction potential).
  • Time tested quality: Kangen™Water is made from an approved medical device made by Enagic that has been in use in hospitals and clinics in Japan for almost 4 decades.  There are other copy-cat devices on the consumer market, but none can claim anything close to Enagic’s track record and quality.  I have an Enagic (model SD501) ionizer in my office, and I’m proud to say that it’s the best of its kind in the world.  I took 5 months to research and learn about Enagic before I would endorse this device.  In my line of work people bring me devices all the time, but never before have I seen one that makes such a massive impact on every life it touches, and has such an impressive track record of quality.  It’s built to last, just like any medical device should.
  • Research: Kangen™Water has been researched, and the findings are nothing short of remarkable.  Kangen™Water has been shown in controlled studies to: improve insulin sensitivity and control blood sugar, protect the cells of the pancreas from oxidative damage, improve the health of the cells that line the digestive tract, improve hydration of the body’s cells as much as 6x more effectively than tap or bottled water, protect against DNA damage, neutralize free radicals and prevent oxidative damage, neutralize bacterial endotoxins in the digestive tract, promote an environment for healthy bacteria in the digestive tract, protect kidneys from oxidative damage, provides ionized calcium as a nutrient.
  • Experience: I know how very important proper hydration is.  In fact, plenty of high quality water is essential!  I also know that not all water is the same.  Tap water and bottled water are of such poor quality that they lack many vital minerals, the pH is too acidic, and they are ineffective at hydrating the body.  I have patients that, in other medical models, would be dead already if it were not for the simple fact that they drink Kangen™Water fresh from their machine daily.  Consider my patient with only one kidney who was told he had days to live…that was almost two years ago!  My experience is that I prefer the taste and feel, I feel stronger, I recover faster from exercise, I have fewer pains, better sleep, better breathing, lower blood pressure.
  • Understanding: I’ve been studying water revitalization for years.  When I was first introduced to Kangen™Water it made perfect sense to me.  I wanted hexagonal, microclustered water that was ionized and charged with free electrons, full of free hydroxyl ions, high in oxygen, alkaline and full of alkaline minerals.


Most people go through life in an acidic, dehydrated, oxidized state.  They are constantly run-down, in pain, and suffering from so many diseases that could be fixed just by drinking better water.  Kangen™Water is the answer.  I stand behind the Enagic line 100%.