By Jennifer A. Gage, PhD

Back in January you may have set some big and bold resolutions to change your life in this new year. Unfortunately, most folks either fail or abandon their attempts to change by the end of January. If this is you, you (and the millions more like you) might be scratching your head in frustration wondering, “Why don’t New Years’ resolutions work?”

The answer is really quite simple and fortunately, there is an easy way to fix this.

New Years resolutions do not work for two main reasons. The first is because these resolutions are often not supported by right thinking. By “right thinking” I mean words, thoughts and images that inspire or encourage you to reach your goals. For example, it’s incredibly difficult to lose weight if you keep telling yourself “I’m addicted to chocolate” or “Everyone in my family is heavy so I guess I’m just destined to be fat.”

The second reason resolutions fail is because you cannot accomplish them with the same part of your brain that you used to make the resolutions with.

Using willpower and persistence to achieve goals does not work because they’re managed by your conscious mind. Researchers have discovered that the conscious mind only controls a very small percentage of your day-to-day actions. In fact, 95% of all perception and behavior is driven by the other part of your brain, namely your subconscious mind. If you do not “re-train” your subconscious mind, at the same time that you make your resolutions, you will within very short order return to your old habits.

Following through on your New Year’s resolutions does not have to be hard work. If you are serious about living the life you deserve and want to learn how to achieve all of your goals more easily, consider joining the hundreds of thousands that have used hypnosis to successfully “re-train” their subconscious minds.

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