We all have days when we feel tired all day long. Those awful days when we wish we could curl up in bed and sleep all day long. It’s normal from time to time.


But if you’re someone who’s tired all the time and suffers from fatigue, you know how unpleasant daily life can be. Something as simple as making a meal or taking the dog for a walk can be a challenge.


And that’s never fun.


The good news is that a few simple lifestyle changes might be the answer to perking you up and providing you with more energy throughout your day.


Keep reading to discover 3 major reasons why you may be suffering from fatigue and what you can do to get over it.


#1 – You Live a Sedentary Lifestyle


When you spend more of your life sitting around, you tend to be tired more frequently. This is because your body is made to move. It’s not natural for you to sit around all day.


Unfortunately, you might be unable to avoid sitting for long periods of time, especially if you work a desk job. So here’s what you can do to get some exercise…


  • Go for a walk or jog every morning before work.


  • Set timers for walking breaks during your day.


  • Schedule physical activities for your weekends like hiking, swimming, or biking.


  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator at work.


  • Use your lunch hour to head to the gym, and when you get back, eat lunch while you work at your desk.


  • Pick up a new hobby like yoga, dancing, or Zumba.


#2 – You’re Not Providing Your Body with Proper Nutrition


What you eat fuels your body. And when you eat a diet of processed, sugar-filled foods, your body is going to struggle.


It’s important to pay attention to what you’re eating every day. A treat here and there is fine, but your diet should consist of mainly lean proteins, veggies, and fruit.


It may help to keep a food journal so you can see what you are eating.


Give your body more energy by…


  • Eating more fruits and veggies.


  • Cutting processed foods out of your diets.


  • Cutting your sugar intake.


  • Eliminating soda and sports drinks from your day .



#3 – Poor Sleep Quality


A very logical reason that you’re tired might simply be that you aren’t getting enough sleep.


When you go to bed every night, your body slows down so it can recharge and recover from the day. But when your sleep quality is poor, you’re bound to wake up tired.


Here are a few things you can do to get more sleep…


  • Go to bed at a reasonable time. If you have to be up by 6 a.m., heading to bed by 10 p.m. is a good idea.


  • Lower your stress levels for a better night’s sleep.


  • Don’t consume alcohol before bed.


  • Be conscious of family life that disrupts sleep (babies/children). Make a plan with your partner, if possible, to rotate nighttime child care duties.


  • Turn off electronics before bed. TVs, phones, and tablets can go off throughout the night and interrupt sleep.


Try making adjustments to your daily routine in the 3 categories we just covered and see if you end up with more energy.


If you don’t have more energy ,it’s possible you could be dealing with depression, thyroid problems, or various other medical conditions. Please consult your doctor immediately if your fatigue is getting in the way of your daily life.


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