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Headaches are one of those things that’re impossible to avoid. Everyone has headaches. Headaches are pains in the head or neck caused by things like stress, depression, anxiety, bad posture, sitting still for too long, uncomfortable physical labor, or clenching of the jaw.

Even though headaches are inevitable, there are things you can to do lower your chances of getting a headache. It just so happens that the things you can do to prevent headaches are things you should be practicing for natural wellness. So not only is this blog post going to give you five natural ways for headache treatment, it’s also a reminder for practicing healthy and daily habits.

Sounds good, right? So let’s get right into the five natural ways Carolina Natural Health recommends for reducing head and neck pain.

1. Take a break

Headaches are sign that your body needs to slow down. If you’re a busy person who gets headaches often, it’s probably because you’re always busy. The next time you feel a headache starting, give yourself 20 to 60 minutes to rest. This means shutting off your devices (i.e., phone, computer, TV, etc.), close the blinds, and relax.

Resting is well worth the time you’re “wasting” by not staying busy. Consider the fact that a headache can make you less productive and even lead to a severe sickness like the flu. Just 20 to 60 minutes of downtime worth doing because you’ll wake up refreshed and pain free.

2. Eat regular, small meals

Headaches can come from not having the right amount of nutrients in your system. The next time your head is pounding, it could be a sign that you’re lacking the right food in your diet.

As a remedy, carry small snacks with you wherever you go. Food like unsalted nuts, dried or fresh fruit, and sunflower or pumpkin seeds will do the trick. The secret to this healthy habit’s success is it allows your blood sugar and energy levels to stay consistent throughout the day, which lessens the chances of severe “crashes” that occur when your body doesn’t have the right fuel.

3. Take a hot shower

Being in warm water might be the last thing on your mind when your head feels hot, but hot showers might help you. Enjoying a hot shower may be especially beneficial to you if you commonly wake up with headaches. The reason why is because the steam from the water lessens any cold or sinus pressure, allowing your breathing passages to widen.

4. Enjoy a massage

Who knew getting rid of headaches could also be enjoyable? Massages are a wonderful, natural way to treat body aches like headaches. During a massage, your muscles receive a pain relieving, gentle pressure that allows the release of your built-up tension. A 30-60 minute massage leaves you relaxed, so all the stress you’ve accumulated is forgotten.

5. Keep a headache journal

Carry a small notepad with you, so you can track when your headaches occur. Make a note of the time of day, current activity, current mood, how much sleep you had the previous night, and what foods and liquids you’ve recently consumed. Over time, this journal will be a valuable asset to figuring out the things that trigger your headaches. Lastly, be sure to track how long the headache lasts.

Another benefit of keeping a journal is you can show it to your doctor, so your doctor can better understand why and when your headaches occur.

Carolina Natural Health can help you with your headaches, whether or not you have a journal. Give us a call—(704) 708-4404—or email us—info@carolinasnaturalhealth.com—to get your free consultation. We can help you treat your headaches and show you more ways to practice natural wellness, so you get headaches less often.

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