Bodywork is more than a practice of pampering or luxury. We love it because it relaxes and rejuvenates us, plus it feels so good.


That alone is good reason to have regular sessions, but massage is also an overlooked yet powerful outlet to improve your health.


Benefits of massage therapy include stress relief, improved circulation, lower blood pressure, and increased energy. Bodywork helps balance your emotions and clears your head. Those who receive regular massages are happier in general than they were before beginning therapy, and they are more satisfied with their jobs and relationships.


Massage can reduce pain, alleviate depression, and boost morale in cancer patients. Such is the power of massage.


If we had to pinpoint the main benefit of bodywork, we’d say reducing tension. Many illnesses and ailments result from too much stress, and massage lowers levels of tension and stress hormones throughout the body.


Each of us carries stress in specific areas, such as the neck and back, and your massage therapist will focus on them during your sessions.


Here, we’ve chosen to highlight some of the most common complaints that our massage therapists transform every day through bodywork.


Relief of migraine and chronic headache pain

Neck tension often accompanies migraines, and massage therapy relaxes the muscles from the base of the skull to the back. Increased circulation helps relieve pain, and relaxed muscles allow the nerves to transmit their signals with no blockages.

Massage relieves the muscle spasms and trigger points that contribute to head pain. Facial massage also reduces TMJ pain, which often leads to headaches. Chronic headaches and migraines respond very well to massage.


Increase in joint flexibility

Massage relieves tight muscles and exercises weak muscles for better joint flexibility. Everything moves more easily, and the range of motion for each muscle improves.

If you choose to exercise, whether you lift weights, do yoga, or play basketball, being more flexible makes those movements more effective and more pleasant. Flexible joints are less prone to injury and soreness after exercise.


Boosted immune system

This benefit of massage isn’t well known and is one of the most critical for good health. Massage therapy stimulates the lymphatic system and enhances lymph circulation, which defends the body against disease.

Bodywork also increases our ability to fight infection by killing bacteria and viruses and transporting nutrients throughout the body.


Reduced depression and anxiety

A study review by the Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami School of Medicine showed that massage reduced the stress hormone cortisol by up to 53%. The study review also found that massage improves dopamine and serotonin levels, which curb depression.

In addition, relaxation and pain relief due to massage therapy reduce anxiety and calm the mind.


Enhanced tissue regeneration

Increased blood flow helps heal damaged tissue throughout the body by providing oxygen and nutrients. Massage also stimulates the skin, which helps heal wounds and fade scar tissue.

Massage is a vital piece of your self-care program, and offers you many benefits physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Call us today to set up a time for your first massage—you’ll love how you feel, and you’ll improve your health at the same time.