Adult life means that you’re most likely perpetually busy—from work to family obligations, exercise takes a back burner. But luckily, you can still sneak exercise into your hectic schedule.


Whether you’re a single parent, or someone with a demanding job, there is more than one way to keep your body moving and your health optimized. If that gym membership is going to waste, and you don’t have the energy to run a few miles after ten plus hours at the office, not to worry.


Simply use the following seven techniques that allow you to exercise without sacrificing your much-needed downtime.


#1 Walk on lunch breaks.

 This will actually provide you with a much more revitalizing break—far more so than if you simply sit in the break room. Walking on lunch breaks is especially pertinent for most Americans who work in office/sedentary jobs.


 #2 Avoid elevators and take the stairs.

This is a simple shift, and requires no lost time. When you grab that extra bit of cardio, your heart rate will increase, and you’ll experience some of the health benefits of traditional exercise.


#3 Play with the kids.

If you’re a parent to younger children, you can turn playtime into exercise time. Whether it’s hula-hooping or a game of freeze tag in the backyard, you’ll burn some extra calories when you bond with your children.


 #4 Turn chores into exercise.

Washing the dishes, mopping, and changing the linens are a bit of a drag; however, when you make these activities into exercises, you’ll find them doubly fulfilling. Try dancing around while you sweep the living room, or stop folding laundry and do a few jumping jacks.


 #5 Develop a fidgeting habit.

Wiggling, tapping your foot, and talking with your hands…

These things all burn calories. While developing a continuous fidgeting habit may seem awkward to you at first, the habit helps keep your body moving. In fact, on average, fidgeting burns an extra 300-350 calories a day.


#6 Wake up a few minutes earlier.

 Yes, sleep is a beautiful thing, but you can skip 10 minutes of it to wake up a bit earlier and do some pushups, sit-ups, or jumping jacks before your morning shower.


#7 Work standing up when possible.

If your office doesn’t offer standing desks, chances are your bosses will be OK with you standing up to work. The body is not intended to be stationary for hours on end, so walk around or work standing when possible.

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