Here’s an article in the news about the prevalence of Autism in the IT field.  The “researchers found that an area with a technology-oriented university and tech-business campus saw two to four times the incidences of autism.”

The article goes on to explain one theory why: “Simon Baron-Cohen, one of the researchers and director of Cambridge’s Autism Research Centre, proposes that regions where parents gravitate toward jobs involving “systemizing,” like IT, have a higher rate of autism because the genes for autism are expressed “as a talent in systemizing” in first-degree relatives. Baron-Cohen goes on to say that the results may explain why autism genes have persisted in the gene pool: they are linked to “adaptive, advantageous traits.”

Autism is a talent!

Is your autistic child banging his head against the wall?  Is he suffering from digestive difficulties and behavior problems?  The naturopathic approach is one where we help to get these kids healthy so that they can be contributing members of society.  We focus on digestive health, we help to improve their ability to detox, we gently improve their immune function, their sleep, and their eating habits.  When we can help get an autistic individual hitting on all cylinders, they have the opportunity to work, invent, solve problems, and make the world better for all!   Your child might always be autistic, but they can also have a highly-functioning life!

— Dr. Jon