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Healthy date nights are critical to your overall sense of well-being and happiness. The power of positive relationships should never be underestimated, so it’s critical that we prioritize time spent with those close to us.

Date night for many people means dinner at a casual restaurant followed by watching the latest blockbuster at the neighborhood theater, where couples sit in silence and face the screen instead of each other.

Skip the movies and dinner for your next date night, where you can devour 64 ounces of butter-laden popcorn. Consider one of these healthy, fun alternatives you both will enjoy.

Each of these ideas follows the one golden rule of great date nights: it can’t be something you do while facing the same direction.

Go to a local park or beach

When you go to local parks or beaches, you have a unique opportunity to turn off your smartphones and just enjoy nature together. With less distraction, you can focus on quality time together instead of when your next email will roll in.

You get exercise from walking around, plus you can always make date night even healthier by packing a healthy picnic dinner to eat outside.

Some of our favorite picnic cuisine include healthy sandwiches, fresh fruit, and salads made fresh and light.

Volunteer Together

Some of the best date nights cost nothing more than time. By finding volunteer opportunities you can do together, you can give back to the community and remain active.

Plan a Saturday morning date helping a veteran with house projects or gardening. Spend time with a local senior rehabilitation center. Volunteering makes you feel great and strengthens relationships with the people you do it with.

Even if you don’t have the time for a long-term commitment with an organization, volunteer to walk your neighbor’s dog together. You’ll get to spend extra time with that someone special and create that sense of community you crave.

Play Board Games at a Teahouse

Japanese teahouses opened across the country in various cities to provide health-conscious alternatives for customers who enjoy the coffeehouse experience. Whether or not you have a teahouse near you, you can typically ordered tea at a coffeehouse.

Green tea is especially healthy. Bring a board game to play and order two unsweetened teas. This low-cost, health conscious alternative may just become a weekly event.

If you’re committed to a healthier lifestyle, contact us today for a consultation on how we can help.