Now that the New Year has arrived, you may be considering what 2017 has in store for your health. After a season of turkey and dressing, candied yams, and pumpkin pies, you are ready to take back your health and add more healthy activities to your routine.


To help you get started with your new wellness lifestyle, below are four simple activities that will give you the largest benefits right out of the gate.


Set a Plan, Not a Resolution


Every January, fitness clubs and martial arts centers swell with new members. By March, the vast majority of those new faces are gone for good.


If New Year’s Resolutions are a tradition, so is breaking them. That’s because many people make goal-based resolutions, when they should make process-based ones.



Instead of trying to hit a mighty, year-long goal, consider setting daily or weekly activities that will help you reach those goals. By focusing on frequent activities such as taking a walk after dinner (yes, even if it’s cold!) or joining your friends for a yoga class, you are much more likely to develop the habits that lead to a healthier you.


The key to success is to create routine activities that are manageable. If you aren’t able to do the activity one week, don’t beat yourself up. Do it the next week. Each time you are able to follow through on an activity, you’re making progress toward a healthier you.


Fresh Starts with Fresh Eats

Activity: Cook 1-2 additional meals at home each week


After a long day of work, trucking the kids to activities, and making sure homework gets done — finding time to buy and prepare a healthy, home-cooked meal can feel out of reach.


For now, don’t sweat the healthy part. Your homemade spaghetti is much better for the family than a box of chicken from the deli or a frozen dinner.


If you’re looking for some ideas, take advantage of your crockpot to save time, or check out these tips for including more vegetables in your diet.


Water You Waiting For?

Activity: Drink an additional 2 glasses of water per day


Humans are made up of approximately 60% water. And yet, most of us don’t drink enough of it.



Drinking plenty of water is essential to maintaining good health. Grab a water bottle and try these tips for getting your hydration each day:



  • Keep water nearby, especially at work. If it’s around, you’re more likely to drink it.
  • Drink a glass after bathroom breaks.

Stand Up, Get Up

Activity: Add 15 minutes of physical activity each day


When we get busy, we say that we are “running around.” But finding the time to actually run or do other forms of exercise can be challenging.


A little exercise can go a long way toward your physical and emotional well-being, so here are some simple ways to incorporate physical activity into everyday life:


  • Take the stairs, not the elevator.
  • Use your feet to chat. Instead of sending an email or instant message to your co-worker, get up, and walk over to him or her.
  • Find a weekend family activity that has exercise built-in. Geocaching is a fun activity that requires you to hike in order to find hidden caches spread all across the country.


Everyday activities quickly can become habits, which, in turn, will lead to a healthier, stronger you for the long term. Here are more of our favorite quick health tips.